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An airplane ride for Wayne a resident who used to love to fly with his best friend who was a pilot.
Dream #402!

Many of you know about the Second Wind Dreams program that grants dreams of residents of nursing homes!

We have completed OVER 383 dreams!  Thanks!

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Second Wind Dreams Project

If you haven't heard about Second Wind Dreams there is a national organization website that will explain.  Second Wind Dreams Video


399. We have started a Red Hat Society led by Cynthia Dare, they meet every other Sunday afternoon and we provided them with hats, scarves, shirts all associated with the Red/Purple/Pink Theme!

400. To celebrate National Second Wind Dreams Day we had a visit from a miniature therapeutic horse and mini blizzards for the residents and staff at both Twin Oaks and New Castle Nursing Center. (Photo 1433)

401. We provided 12 tickets for residents and staff to see Pride & Prejudice by the Theatre Downstream group.

402. We provided an airplane ride for Wayne a resident who used to love to fly with his best friend who was a pilot.

403. We provided a Rutgers sweatshirt, tee-shirt, ball cap and a framed vintage looking Rutgers poster for Gus’s room! He was a Rutgers graduate!

404. We purchased two more I-Pods for use in our Music and Memory Program

405. We provided a framed photo of the Therapeutic Horse that Betty fell in love with! The Local framed it and the Editor of the paper personally delivered it to Betty. She was thrilled.

406. Cynthia provided the Red Hat Society with a very nice sign to put up during their meetings.

It is reversible so if the Twin Oaks group gets going we will put their sign on the back. Photo 1114171401b

Red Hat Society - Second Wind Dreams

407. Sue Barnett provided a bag of cards for the Cheer Up Club at New Castle Nursing

408. We sold $294 in hats at the Holiday Bazaar and sent 3 boxes of scarves/hats over to New Castle Nursing for the residents to sell to fund raise for the Second Wind Dreams program. One resident LOVES selling things and she needs cheering up.

Birdy Cake Walker - Second Wind Dreams

409. A special Cake Walk was held for Birdy who always helped plan the Cake Walks when she was a volunteer at New Castle Nursing.

Now as a resident she enjoyed being the BIG winner of several cakes!

410. We provided 10 bags of candy for Halloween and they ran out in like 30 minutes! Next year we need more candy! The residents, staff and visitors LOVED it!

411. Provided a resident with a lap desk so she could use her tablet more comfortably.

412. Be a Santa to a Senior: 3 travel mugs with handles; socks for 3 men and 1 lady; underwear for one lady; Bear Creek soup for 4 men-through Donna at the Senior Center

413. A changeable holiday wreath for Sarah Mason

414. 10 residents and 2 staff attended a performance of Annie by the Theatre Downstream and 3 had on stage photos with the cast!

415. Edith Tennill long time committee member received a Poinsettia and box of candy from the committee for her 94th birthday.

416. Burnell Brocious provided a set of Little House on the Prairie for a Christmas Gift for residents at New Castle Nursing.

417. Be a Santa to a Senior small gift bags were provided to 115 seniors at the New Castle Rehab; Twin Oaks and Senior Center shut-ins. In addition Greta adopted 2 Senior Angels, Burnell adopted 1 Senior Angel, and Bob and Debbie Brocious adopted 1 Senior Angel and our group provided 4 large bags of gifts to 4 independent living Seniors. Also our Living Well group provided 4 large bags of gifts to 4 independent living Seniors which included: Tuna, chicken, holiday cakes/holiday cookies, 2 Hand towels, 4 washcloths, box of crackers, box of hot chocolate, socks, dish towels, holiday candy, mac and Cheese, measuring cup, colander, calendar, cookies (afghan), soap, wet cleansers), and 4 smaller bags with soup and socks to some independent living senior veterans.

Santa to a Senior - Second Wind Dreams

418. 2 Supersized boxes of Cheese Its-Original Flavor provided to a resident-his favorite!

   419. Elvis Christmas Concert at New Castle Nursing

420. Elvis Concert sponsored at Masonic Home

421. We are providing multiple copies of the Henry County Local to residents each month.

422. TV provided by David and Kathy Schwandner for a resident

423. Lap desk provided for a resident by Jerry

424. Debbie and Ann got two books of stamps for Mary Baxter!

425. The Committee provided 5 of the large cookies to celebrate “National Caregivers Day” at New Castle Nursing and Twin Oaks.

The cookies read: National Caregivers Day-Thanks for Caring.

National Caregivers Day - Second Wind Dreams

426. Terry, the maintenance director at New Castle Nursing received a $50 gift card from McDonalds on National Caregivers Day in recognition of the fact that he regularly spends his own money to purchase residents favorite foods from McDonalds!

427. Cynthia had planned a variety of special activities for the Red Hat Club on Valentines Day!

Lunch at Kingfish - Second Wind Dreams

428. Judy’s Day was a success! She and her 5 employee guests road in a limo from New Castle Nursing to lunch at King Fish etc.!

 429. Janice received a replacement handbag after several tries for one that would suit! And a pair of slip on shoes.




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Maryellen Garrison

Henry County Extension Agent
For Family and Consumer Sciences

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