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Many of you know about the Second Wind Dreams program that grants dreams of residents of nursing homes!

We have completed OVER 534 dreams!  Thanks!

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Here are some great photos from the biggest Dream we have done! 4 Residents were able to ride in a limo down to Bowman Field and Terry Rogers Pilot and owner of Air Center 1 out of Bowman Field arranged for sightseeing flights for Bernice Wallace and Frances Dickerson residents at Homestead. Ruth Ellegood and Zelma Barnsfather also residents enjoyed the ride and the excitement of the trip!

Second Wind Dreams "Dream Team"

Second Wind Dreams Founder P.K. Beville (center) came all the way to Henry County from Alpharetta Georgia to meet with our local Second Wind Dreams Committee (left to right) Margaret Hayden, Carol Bryner, Wanda Thurman, Saundra Smith, P.K., Sue Barnett-Committee Chair, Maryellen Garrison-Henry County Extension Agent, Edith Tennill and Eleanor Sharp. Our group has granted 104 dreams of residents living at  Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead) Nursing Center. The goal of Second Wind Dreams is to enhance quality of life for Seniors and to change the perception of aging.

Second Wind Dreams - 100 Fulfilled!


Don Dalger, Past Administrator at Homestead presented Second Wind Dreams Committee Chairman Sue Barnett with a recognition plaque to the group for the 100 Dreams that they have granted at  Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead). If you or your group would like to donate or participate in a dream give us a call.


Second Wind Dreams Project

If you haven't heard about Second Wind Dreams there is a national organization website that will explain.

Second Wind Dreams Video

Over the years the Henry County Homemakers and residents have been active in the Second Wind Dreams program.

Second Wind Dreams granted:

1. Would like a new quilt to match her room-sponsored by Sue Barnett and Margaret Hayden in Sept. 06 (Wal-Mart)

2. Would like a perm-sponsored by New Castle United Methodist Women in October 2006 (Judy’s Beauty Shop)

3. Would like a perm-sponsored by New Castle United Methodist Women in October 2006

4. Would like a new outfit-someone to pick it our-Granted by County WMU in November 2006.

5. Would like to see a good movie-took 13 to see “The Nativity” in December 2006, this dream was sponsored by Jim Prewitt, Sue Barnett, Thelma Moody, Doug Kalbfleisch, Susan Coleman, Margaret Hayden, and the Franklinton Church (Shelbyville Theater).

Second Wind Dreams - Henry County Ky

6. Would like to go shopping trip at Wal-Mart and lunch out-Jericho Homemakers took 6 for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and shopping trip-March 2007.

7. New Bible-Pleasureville Christian Church (Cathy Clubb and Cathy Moore)-March 2007.

8. New Outfit and Purse from Wal Mart-Pleasureville Chrisitan Church-March 2007.

9. Lunch at Our Best by Smithfield Garden Club April 2007.

10. Resident visited daughter’s home by  Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead).

11. New White Lab jacket with name on it purchased for a resident - Pleasureville Christian Church.

12. Box of chocolates is being decorated specially for a holiday and is being taken to a resident (an Easter Bunny on top for Easter, Flags for Flag Day etc.!) by Zelma Winchester.

13. Resident got to see her grandson sing-by  Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead).

14. Resident got to go home for the day-by  Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead).

15. 8 residents, 7 dream grantors, and 5 staff members went to the Depot Restaurant in Pleasureville for lunch and had a great time-by the Margaret Hayden Bible Group.

16. Trip to Dollar Tree and out to lunch.

17. Resident received a new pair of blue jeans and a shirt from the Town and Country Homemaker Club.

18. Committee purchased a fabric gazebo and 6 lawn chairs for the resident’s courtyard.

19. Ice Cream Party at Dairy Queen sponsored by Eminence Christian Church June 12 for 12 residents and 6 staff members. Ice cream sponsored by Dairy Queen!

20. Trip to County Fair planned by Saundra Smith (Lions sponsored Fair tickets and Our Best sponsored dinner).

County Fair Dream

21. New Baby Doll for a residents doll collection by Sue Barnett.

22. Belterra Trip-sponsored by Bill Bob and ReMax-8 went. The lady whose dream it was took $10 and played the penny slots-she went home with $240!!

23. Elvis impersonator – November 3-donations from Annabelle Smith and Simpsonville United Methodist Church and Sharon Foree for the 2 hour program and hairdo’s for 46 ladies sponsored by Cathy Shiltz.

Elvis Dream

24. 2 new dresses-(size 16)-Zelma & Friends.

25. The committee assisted with the redecoration of the dinning room in a Cracker Barrel type theme.

26. Portable DVD Player for resident who cannot speak and likes to sit in front hall and watch movies and yet be close to the ‘action’ rather than in her room-by Young Adult Sunday School Class at the New Castle United Methodist Church.

27. UK Outfit for sports fan-United Methodist Women-New Castle.

28. Veteran’s Day Program-Alvin Roberts attended.

29. Portable DVD player-by Cathy Shilts.

30. Jim Prewitt provided a demonstration and talk on carving/whittling.

31. Susan Coleman presented Virginia with a painting of her little Jack Russell Terrier-Chris who is also a resident at  Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead) Nursing Center!

32. Zelma Winchester provided a CD player and an Alan Jackson tape to grant Barbara’s dream! Zelma had wrapped the gift as a huge Easter present with egg decorated paper and a bunny!

33. “Mad Hatter Show” by Barbara Ann Callahan-225 historical hats presented in celebration of Mother’s Day and Derby Day to about 70 residents and community members. We also had decorated hat cookies to celebrate the event.

34. Wheeler received white tennis shoes size 12 wide-by Margaret Hayden.

35. Resident received two new outfits from the United Methodist Women.

36. Trip to White Castle Sponsored by New Castle Christian Women’s Fellowship in May 2008.

37. Staff Appreciation Day on June 13: Sandwiches sponsored by Alice Ferguson at Chat ‘n Nibble, cookies & help by Margaret Hayden, Doug Kalbfleisch, Sue Barnett, Edith Tennill, Wanda Thurman, Sharon Fields, Chips and Drinks sponsored by donation from Shirley Sills, more drinks by Betty Peyton.

38. Edward -requests flowers to give to his wife: unfortunately he died before the dream could be granted. Sue and Margaret took a plant to his wife.

39. Margaret requested costume jewelry-unfortunately she died before the dream could be granted. The Busy Bee Club donated the jewelry to  Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead) for their prom.

40. Alma wanted a new jump suit (large) and a haircut and perm-granted by the United Methodist Women.

41 and 42. Betty wants an activity mat that straps to her gerichair- Joe wants a sensory object/ball-Committee voted $250 to be spent on these type accessories for  Providence New Castle (previously known as Homestead)-out of the Diversity Award money. Sue and Thelma were purchasing one set.

43. Eva-requests new pants – Clothes by Marilyn Rose, New Castle Baptist Church and Town and Country Homemakers.

44. Myrtle – new clothes taken on a trip to the Catholic Church by Pleasureville Baptist Women.

45. Alvin – attended Harvest Showcase and Lunch at the Farmers Market.

46. Lap Robe Project-18 lap robes were made by Edith Tennill, Saundra Smith, Helen Coombs and Joyce Spears. They were made from heavy white towels purchased by the New Castle United Methodist Women. They also made 18 large wash cloths from the scraps!

47. The committee purchased $250 in activity mats, balls and apparatus for the Dementia Patients.

48. Nola received several beautiful dresses thanks to Melodye Fletcher and Team Kids at Campbellsburg Baptist church are planning to take her for a banana split this fall.

49. Margaret Hayden donated some wooden stool woodworking kits that had belonged to her husband. Vicki reported that the residents really loved them and especially enjoyed the sanding! We have committed $100 to purchase some other woodworking items. Sue is checking with her church and Colleen has offered to assist with this.

50. Residents wanted to cook fresh green beans, corn on the cob etc. The food service staff donated some garden produce and the residents broke enough beans for dinner. They loved doing it and wanted to break some more! A great opportunity to stimulate conversation about “back when”.

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Maryellen Garrison

Henry County Extension Agent
For Family and Consumer Sciences

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